Backline Hire

Price List (Includes GST) – Day Rate, ask for weekly hire rates.

Drum Kits

DW Performer 10-12-14ft-16ft-22-14s $165
DW Hardware Pack $45
Ludwig Classic Maple 22-10t-12t-14ft $100
Ludwig Hardware Pack $45
Pearl Reference $80
Pearl Reference Hardware Pack $45
Yamaha Maple Custom Recording Masters $100
Yamaha Hardware pack $45
Yamaha Oak Custom 10t-12t-16ft-22 $85
Yamaha Hardware Pack $45
Yamaha Tour Custom 10/12/16ft/22/ $50
Yamaha Hardware Pack $45

Please note.
All hardware packs consist of three cymbal stands, one hi- hat stand, one kick pedal, floor tom legs.
Custom hardware packs can be arranged with double kick pedals if required.
All kits are sent out to what we consider to be reasonably skinned. If you would like new heads on the kit before delivery please advise - Custom cymbal packs can also be provided POA


LP Conga Set with stands $140

Bass Amplification

Ampeg SVT 450H $30
Ampeg SVT Classic w/case iec $60
Ampeg SVT-2 with case $60
Ampeg SVT-3 400 watt w/cas $30
Ashdown 300 Classic $70
GK 1001RB 700w with case $40

Bass Speakers

Ampeg HLF810 with cover $80
Ampeg PF410HLF $40
Ampeg SVT 410 HE 8ohm $40
Ampeg SVT 410 HLF 4ohm $40
Ampeg SVT 610HLF $50

Guitar Amplification

Fender 65 Princeton Reverb $55
Fender Blues Junior III Twin $40
Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb $55
Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 $55
Fender Super-Sonic 212 $40
Fender Twin 2×12 with foot switch $55
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier $40
Roland JC 120 2×12″ $30
Vox AC30C2: 30 Watts 2 $40
Vox AC30 CCI 12 with case $35
VOX AC30HW2X Handwired $70
HiWatt Custom Classic DR504 with case $45
Marshall JCM2000 DSL with case $40
Marshall JCM2000TSL100 with case $40
Marshall JCM800 with case $45
Marshall JCM 900 with case $45

Guitar Speaker Cabinets

4×12 Marshall 1960A $30
4×12 Marshall 1960AV $30
4×12 Marshall 1960B $30

Guitars & Accessories

Guitar Amp Stand Proel $10
Full range of Gibson, Fender, Musicman, Yamaha guitars available to hire. POA


Piano Amp Roland KC-500 $30
Piano Roland RD700GX C-Box Digital Piano w/case $80
Piano Stand Ashton $5
Piano Stand Multi Level Proel EL260 $25
Piano Stand On Stage $10
Piano Stand On Stage Keyboard Double Brace $20
Piano Stand Ultimate Dual $20

DJ Equipment

Stage Deck DJ Table 2.4m x 600mm @ 1.2mtr high on wheels $110
Pioneer DJM-600 $40
Pioneer DJM700 $45
Pioneer DJM800 $55
Pioneer DJM850 $65
CDJ1000 MK3 w/Case $55
CDJ2000 with case $80